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paternity test

paternity test for private orientation only
(2 persons)

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paternity test

+ courts and authorities
(2 persons)

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kinship test

e.g. brother/sister
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

2 male test persones
(only male lineage)

Examples for a DNA kinship test

For indirect paternity testing (kinship testing, sibling testing), the missing father's genetic profile needs to be represented by the genetic information from other persons from the same line of descent. Consequently, should the information produced through a DNA analysis not be sufficient to formulate a clear result, DNA fingerprints from further people from the known line of descent must be obtained. For instance, more genetic information and thus a higher probability of descendancy are obtained when the mother or relatives of the alleged father can be involved in the sibling test (a brother or sister of the father, etc.).

Thus the analysis of a brother/sister case to determine whether they have the same biological father could be elaborated as follows:

  • analysis of DNA samples of brother and sister
  • analysis of the mother's sample
  • analysis of samples of the alleged father's siblings (e.g. a brother or a sister)
  • analysis of the alleged father's parents
  • analysis of other relatives

Through corresponding calculations (simulation), we can investigate with which expected probability a relationship can be determined before the beginning of the DNA test. Based on this simulation we can also make recommendations which relatives should be included in the test. The more information available (amount of sample people and DNA markers), the more meaningful the research result. Depending on the case, we can test inheritance characteristics of up to 24 DNA markers.

Results usually will be delivered 8 - 10 days after we have received samples and payment.

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