179 €
paternity test

paternity test for private orientation only
(2 persons)

259 €
paternity test

+ courts and authorities
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

e.g. brother/sister
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

2 male test persones
(only male lineage)

How the test works

Before the test

2 h vor dem Test nichts essen

The test persons are not allowed to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before taking the mouth swab! Please use one swab per person. Carefully open the packaging of the swab (the same packaging will be used to return the samples).
Please note our instructions regarding the witnessed sampling process to ascertain the test persons' identities.If you would like to take samples at home, please order the home DNA test of bj-diagnostik in Austria.


Taking the mouth swab


To take the mouth swab, rub the cotton bud firmly back and forth four times against the inside of each cheek (inside the mouth).
Please pay attention to the marking on the swab packaging! The swab should only come into contact with the test person after opening.
If you want to have more than three people tested (e.g. second child), please use the swab marked “reserve” for this. Further swabs can be obtained from us free of charge us upon request.
(Note: In the past we used plastic test tubes that are still common with many test laboratories. However, the current swabs packed in paper wrapping guarantee a better DNA conservation due to sufficient climatisation and ventilation during transport.)


After the test: Dispatch samples and order forms

Vertrag ausfuellenVertrag senden

Put the swabs back into the package. Then return them white plastic envelope (marked with our address).
Please indicate on the contract the gender of the child (f: female / m: male) and the names of the tested persons. Enter on the order form which test should be carried out and which people should be tested.
Sign the contract and enclose a copy of it with the test set. For the returning of your samples and forms, please use the enclosed return envelope with our address.


Gebrauchsanweisung naechter SchrittWeitere Erklaerungen und Informationen zum DNA-Vaterschaftstest erhalten Sie unter der Rufnummer 0551 500 72 999 oder per E-Mail

We hope that we could explain the application of our DNA-Paternity Test well.

Further explanation and information on the DNA-Paternity Test is available by telephone +49 551 - 500 72 999 or by e-mail Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Abstammungsgutachten und Vaterschaftstest