179 €
paternity test

paternity test for private orientation only
(2 persons)

259 €
paternity test

+ courts and authorities
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

e.g. brother/sister
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

2 male test persones
(only male lineage)

Consultation for indirect paternity testing

A simple paternity or maternity test can today be performed at relatively low costs using standard DNA analysis and statistical calculations when samples of father, mother and child are available. Indirect paternity testing, used for determining the genetic relationship of siblings if the father is already deceased or not available for testing, and no forensic samples are available, is complex and requires the special expertise of bj-diagnostik. So do other kinship analyses, for examples to prove genetic family relations for immigration purposes.We deliver paternity or maternity tests for multinational famillies. Often the father is living in the USA, in the United Kingdom or in other countries. When mother and child are living in Germany we are used to collect the samples independently. The result will be given in the german, english, french or turkish language. The result could also be accepted at court in other countries, not only in Germany.

Paternity test without the father

bj-diagnostik offers customer-individual consultation for indirect paternity testing and complex kinship analysis: Every customer receives a tailor-made quotation considering the exact strategy of analysis necessary to solve the genetic kinship relation in question, including an estimation of the achievable probability of relatedness based on the information and samples available in each individual case. In addition, bj-diagnostik consults the customer on how to improve possible test results. Many laboratories offer just one “one size fits all” package for any kind of indirect paternity testing or kinship analysis, so that many customers overpay to solve simple analysis problems or cannot achieve solutions for more complex cases.

A more complex case is kinship testing when only samples of cousins are available and the cousins would like to know if they are indeed cousins or perhaps half-siblings. In this case, the achievable probability of relatedness in a DNA test can be simulated to be app. 50%, which would not be a really helpful result for the cousins. bj-diagnostik uses computer simulation to find out, for each specific case, which persons need to be tested in addition to achieve a more meaningful result. The customer is therefore able to check in advance if he or she can involve the necessary persons into the test in order to decide whether to perform the test or not. The standard simulation consultation of is included in the price of the DNA analysis.

Indirect paternity testing in the paternal or maternal line

A case can be solved more easily if both cousins are male and they are cousins via their male lineage (i.e. through their fathers, not their mothers). In these cases bj-diagnostik uses the Y-chromosome to establish genetic kinship. In contrast, it is not so reliable to use the X-chromosome because women have two X chromosomes, one inherited from their mother and one from their father, whereas men always pass on the same single Y-chromosome to their male offspring.

But the female line of breeding can be investigated by using mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Mitochondrial DNA can be found in all body cells and is passed on from the mother to both male and female children. bj-diagnostik uses mtDNA-analysis to determine if two siblings have e.g. the same grandmother. These tests are priced individually based on the relationship analysis in question and the number of persons involved.

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