179 €
paternity test

paternity test for private orientation only
(2 persons)

259 €
paternity test

+ courts and authorities
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

e.g. brother/sister
(2 persons)

ab370 €
kinship test

2 male test persones
(only male lineage)

Online Order Form for a Paternity Test

You will receive a free test set. Please state the number of test persons on the contract which you will receive by post. If you provide your email address we will send you an order confirmation containing additional useful information!

Please provide other combinations or the persons to be tested in a sibling test in the comment field below.

second delivery address (if applicable):

Please provide the address if you request additional test kits to be sent separately, e.g. to the mother, the child or a medical doctor (witness).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Michael Jung, phone +49/551/50072999

The test kit is free of charge.

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